10 Reasons To Attend the OLA 2010 Conference

A few days ago, I registered for this year’s Ontario Library Association SuperConference 2010, just barely qualifying for the early bird discount. This event has a special place in my professional life since it was the first library conference I ever attended. It is also held in Toronto and thus easy for me to access. Here are ten reasons why I want to go to the OLA conference in no particular order:

10. Extraordinary Canadians! Adrienne Clarkson, Jane Urquhart, Nino Ricci and Mark Kingwell will be speaking on the biographies they wrote for Penguin’s Extraordinary Canadians biography series.

9. Our Job in 10 years. Learn about the future: John Dupuis and Janice Mutz will be speaking on: Our Job in 10 Years: The future of academic libraries. Predicting the future is tricky business but Dupuis has done some good work in trying to do this.

8. Library Service Meets Brain Research! presented by Julie Mandal (Research Specialist, Canadian Research Association) – I’ve blogged before about neuroscience and education, it is a subject I need to understand better.

7. Get your geography on! I’m serving as the convener for this Saturday morning session on, “Visualizing History: Google Earth as a Information Literacy tool.” You want to meet me? I’ll be here!

6. Where Toronto is public education going? Dr. Chris SpenceĀ  (he was interviewed on TVO’s The Agenda if you’re curious to know more); he has proposed boys-only schools and other unconventional ideas to improve the city’s education.

5. Books & reading for better mental health? Yes, that’s here too! (Bibliotherapy: Stories, reading, and the brain that heals itself by Dr. Hoi Cheu, Laurentian University.

3. Leadership 2010: Ken Laycock will be presenting a session, Leadership 2010, summarizing the latest insights in 2009. I’ve seen him present before and I was impressed.

2. Awards: Recognize some seriously great librarians through the conference’s awards.

1. Meeting: librarians from all over the place.

I may not be able to do everything on this list but it is a good start.

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