Focused on Finance

I’m changing the direction of this blog to focus on a new set of topics including finance, investing and marketing. I think there are challenging problems and interesting issues in all of those fields. When I say marketing here, I mean it in a Seth Godin sense. When Godin writes about marketing, it’s about ideas that spread.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to share some of the books and ideas I find interesting in this space. I hope you’ll come away from this blog smarter and more inspired from having spent time here. Since all good writers read a great deal, I’d like to share some of the blogs I currently follow in the areas of finance, investing and marketing.

  • NPR’s Planet Money: Planet Money is a podcast that explores the world of finance in a very compelling and original way. Ever wanted to know more about those “toxic assets” that caused so much trouble in the 2008 financial crisis? Well, the team of reporters at Planet Money actually bought one of those assets, nicknamed “Toxie.” Learn more about the troubled life of Toxie.
  • Canadian Capitalist: Often regarded as THE Canadian finance blog, there’s plenty of interesting commentary and analysis here. One particular strength of the site is the emphasis on data. For example, many people considered 2011 to be a lacklustre year for investors. CC points out in his post on Asset Class Returns for 2011, that the real picture is more complicated.

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